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Autumn roll (4 p.) 6.00€
Fried roll stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, bamboo and noodles.
House roll (2u.) 6.00€
Fried roll stuffed with vegetables and shellfish.
Sesame roll (4 u.) 6.00€
Rolls stuffed with shellfish, wrapped in fried sesame.
Hakao (6 u .) 6.75€
Steamed ravioli stuffed with prawns and vegetables.
Dim Sum (6 u .) 6.75€
Small pasty stuffed with prawns and steamed bamboo
Chicken Gyoza (6 p.) 6.75€
Grilled Japanese dumpling stuffed with chicken and vegetables
Pork Gyoza (6 p.) 6.75€
Grilled Japanese dumpling stuffed with pork and vegetables.
Miso soup 5.75€
Typical Japanese soup with fermented soya and fish.
Dobin-Mushi soup 5.75€
Mushroom, shellfish and vegetable soup served in a porcelain teapot
Mixed SunoMono 8.80€
Alga and shellfish salad
Sellfish salad 8.00€
Mixed salad with shellfish.
Our style salad 8.80€
Tomato, avocado, seaweed and tuna tataki salad.
Tempura Moriawase 12.00€
Special Japanese style battered and fried crab, squid and deep sea prawns.
Vegetables Tempura 12.00€
Special battered and fried vegetables.
Deep Sea Prawns Tempura 13.00€
Special battered and fried deep sea prawns japanese style.
Sellfish Yakitori (2 p.) 9.60€
Grilled prawn, salmon and squid brochettes with Japanese sauce.

Check with our table service for the allergen content of our dishes

Rice, Pasta & Vegetables

Teppanyaki Noodles with Vea 9.00€
Grilled Japanese noodles with veal, vegetables and teriyaki sauce.
Teppanyaki Noodles with prawns 9.65€
Grilled Japanese noodles with prawns, vegetables and teriyaki sauce.
Udon with Veal 10.00€
Japanese noodles with vegetables and veal
Udon with prawns 10.50€
Japanese noodles with vegetables and prawn tempura.
Our style Noodles 9.65€
Noodles with chicken and vegetables
Pad Thai noodles with prawns 9.65€
Oriental rice noodles with vegetables and prawns
Vegetable Wok 8.50€
Selected Wok sauteed vegetables
Toasted rice with Prawns 12.50€
Sauteed mushrooms
Rice with Teriyaky Veal 8.00€
Tropical Rice 8.25€
Rice with pineapple and chicken.
Rice in lotus leaf 9.00€
Rice with mushrooms and aromatic meat, in lotus leaf.
Yakimeshi 8.00€
Rice with minced beef and pork, prawns and vegetables.
Nasi Goreng 8.50€
Rice with ham, curry, grated coconut…
Gohan with Teriyaky chicken 8.00€
Gohan with veal & curry 8.25€
Gohan 3.00€
Gohan White rice.
Chinese bread 1.50€

Check with our table service for the allergen content of our dishes


Shoga-Yaki Chicken 10.50€
Chicken in batter spiced with ginger, typical Japanese.
Gon-Bao Chicken 10.50€
Chicken with red pepper, mushrooms, bamboo, cashew nuts and spicy sauce.
Teriyaki Chicken 10.50€
Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce.
Our Style Chicken 10.50€
Breadcrumbed chicken with red pepper, green pepper and onion. Sweet and spicy flavor.
Sze Chuan Chicken 10.50€
Chicken with spicy red chilli.
Sze Chuan 14.00€
Fine beef strips with spicy red chilli and a little sweet.
Veal Curry 13.00€
Veal sauteed with mushrooms and yellow curry.
Veal with black pepper 13.00€
Sautéed veal with leek and black pepper sauce.
Spicy Veal 13.00€
Veal with spicy sauce and red pepper.
Shoga-Yaki Veal 13.00€
Typical Japanese veal spiced with ginger.
Gyu Niku Tataki 14.00€
Thin pieces of undercooked sirloin with lima, soya and ginger sauce.
Teppanyaki Sirloin 23.00€
Grilled sirloin with teriyaki sauce.
Foie Sirloin 23.00€
Sirloin sautéed in wok with shiitake mushroom onion and especial sauce.
Pekin Duck 14.50€
Lacquered duck wrapped in crepes with shellfish and cucumber sauce.
Mandarin Duck 14.00€
Glazed duck with hoisin sauce.
Duck with tropical Fruit 14.00€
Glazed duck with tropical fruit.
Duck with Sautéed Vegetables 14.00€
Glazed duck with sautéed vegetables.

Check with our table service for the allergen content of our dishes


Fish and Shellfish

Happy family 15.50€
Sautéed meat and various seafood.
Teriyaki Deep Sea Prawns 16.50€
Grilled deep sea prawns with teriyaki sauce.
Deep Sea Prawns with Tropical Fruit 16.50€
Fried deep sea prawns with tropical fruit.
Teriyaki salmon 14.00€
Grilled salmon with japanese sauce.
Teriyaki Butterfish 14.30€
Butterfish steak with teriyaki sauce.
Teriyaki Tuna 14.00€
Grilled bluefin tuna with teriyaki sauce.
Gon-Bao Prawns 13.50€
Prawns with red pepper, cashews, mushrooms and bamboo with spicy sauce.
Wok Prawns 13.50€
Prawns with selected vegetables Wok sauteed.
Our style Prawns 13.50€
Breadcrumbed prawns with red pepper, green pepper and onion. Sweet and spicy flavor
Spicy Squid 13.00€
Squid sauteed with onion, peppers, bamboo, slightly spicy.
Teriyaki eel 18.00€
Grilled eel with teriyaki sauce.
Scallops with Sesame 18.00€
Scallops with ginger, sesame and special sauce.

Check with our table service for the allergen content of our dishes


Natural fruit salad 5.75€
Green tea Ice-cream 5.75€
Fried ice-cream 5.75€
Assorted ice-creams 5.75€
Fried Chocolate roll 5.75€
Cava drenched orange sorbet 5.75€
Green tea sorbet 5.75€
Our style mochi 5.75€
Glutinous rice dumpling stuffed with chocolate.
Green tea mochi 5.75€
Glutinous rice dumpling with green tea stuffed with white chocolate
Green tea tiramisu 5.75€
Valenciano 7.00€
Escoces 7.00€
Cheesecake 5.75€

Check with our table service for the allergen content of our dishes

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